Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Welton Academy Lab Meetup

For those who are enrolled in the Welton Academy Supernatural Bible School, our lab meetup is every Monday night at 6:30 p.m. in the fellowship hall. During the meetup, we will have an overview teaching of the previous week’s video class, group discussion, prayer and impartation, and turn in homework.

G3 Kids Club

This is a time for our G3 Kids (our 3 “G”s stand for Godly, Growing and Going) to come together to build friendships, worship, pray, play, reinforce the Bible lesson we introduced on Sunday and discuss/memorize foundational scriptures. Wednesday nights also provide us an opportunity to conduct more hands-on activities, service projects, field trips, and to prepare for our…

Little Arrows Club

We are very excited to offer a Wednesday night Bible-based lesson and activities specifically structured for the preschool through kindergarten-aged children.