Natasha Stogdill

Natasha Stogdill


When God got ahold of my heart I found the same love that He has, the love for people.  God loves people, young, old, white, black, an academic and the farmer.  As a teenager I was very focused on international mission work, but as time passed and I got a little older I became more aware of the mission all around me and right in my own backyard! Today I have the privilege of working with our “Little Arrows”, Genesis church’s very imaginative 3-5-year old’s!  This group of kiddos are so much fun to work with because everything is new and fresh and they have a way of bringing life to the bible.  I also am one of a few that run the Genesis Coffee Bar.  The coffee bar is such a wonderful place to serve on a Sunday morning because you get a chance to know the people walking through the door.  The coffee bar is a passion because it was created for missions, all our profits and tips go directly to missions, overseas and right here in our hometown!  I enjoy serving my church and my community and I love being part of the team here at Genesis that has the same desire to continue to bring the two together.

A little about me, I was born and raised a Hoosier in B-town.  Genesis church has been my home church my entire life and I have been extremely involved in many happenings here since I was an early teen.  When I graduated from high school I felt led to bible college in Springfield, Mo.  I spent the next four years of my life studying the bible and working towards my B.A. in missions.  During those years I worked in the church and in the real world and it was a great time of fun and growth.  After graduating I moved back home and married my main man later that fall. Over these 15 years together we have had many adventures including having three wild, crazy and sweet boys!!!  What’s very important to me, and my biggest mission in life, is to help my kids understand the importance of being God’s light to this world in our everyday normal lives!

Favorite Book

My absolute favorite book & movie…… “Pride & Prejudice” (the old A&E version w/ Colin Firth of course.

Favorite past time

Reading & traveling anywhere and everywhere w/ my family!

Teaching Team
Leslie Abshier