Life Groups

Life Groups

Genesis Life Groups are a community of friends coming together to experience God’s love and to love God’s people.

Life Groups Core Values:

  • Worship – to provide an atmosphere that facilitates the presence of God
  • Community – to provide a safe environment full of trust and compassion
  • Edification – to encourage and support each other in our daily lives
  • Discipleship – to teach and share practical tools for our Christian walk

Genesis Life Groups meet throughout the week and target various interest groups such as singles, married couples, men, women, and non-biological parents. If you have any questions about our life groups or need help getting connected with one,

Life Group Leaders

Tim & Jen Woodcock


Mike & Stephanie Woodcock

M: 865-255-0152

S: 865-894-0300

Allison Pack


Andy & Mary Beth King



A: 812-320-3081

MB: 812-320-2681

Chris & Monica Palmore

C: 810-938-4083

M: 810-845-7262

Rich & Beth Geboy